Why 90% of new habits never last. 

And how to break through the cycle of frustration and achieve what you know you're capable of




Are you tired of waking up each day knowing you're not living the life you want to be? 



If you have a burning desire to achieve more,  what I’m about to share could be the most important thing you read this year - or even this decade.


I want to take a moment to tell you about a friend of mine.


This friend was overweight, stuck in a job she hated, in a toxic relationship, and was questioning how her life had got like this.


She’d tried everything she could think of to turn things around:



 Signing up to a gym and eating healthier

Reading every personal development book she could get her hands on

Attending webinars and online training in her free time

Speaking to her boss and asking for more responsibility

Trying yoga and meditation




But, despite all her hard work, nothing changed.


She was at her wits end.


Tired, exhausted, angry and feeling like maybe she didn’t have a greater purpose, or any way of achieving a change and fulfilling the purpose she knew she had in life.


I'm sure you know this feeling all too well.




You try all the things we're told we should do when we want to achieve more:







Accepting responsibility...



But get nowhere.



So how is there always someone you know that makes it all seem so EASY?



That 1 person who smashes every goal they set...

Who never seems to struggle with motivation...

Who manages to fit so much into their days, despite being busier than you...




You’re desperate to finally achieve the potential you know is inside of you – whether personally or professionally - but whatever you try it just doesn’t work.


But listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important:



It’s not your fault.



See, the personal development industry is lying to you, and telling you things that not only fail to get you results, but could actually be harming your progress.



5 Reasons Why Just ‘Trying Harder’ Doesn’t Work.

You don’t have the right support network around you - this is key.

You're setting the wrong kinds of goals - most people approach goal setting in the wrong way, which leads to poor results.

You haven’t got any ‘skin in the game’ - there's nothing to lose if you don't change, and no reason to take action now.

Life gets in the way - you want to make a change, but you've got so much stuff on, that it can probably wait until next month.

You haven't got the right accountability in place - even the most successful people need someone holding them accountable for them to achieve success.

So if all these ‘traditional methods’ don’t work, then what DOES?


You’re in luck.


By stumbling across this page, and reading the secrets I’m about to reveal, you’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage, and learn the system that’s taken me years of personal experience, in-depth research and tens of thousands of dollars to develop.


Let me introduce you to…




I’m pulling together a group of 15 ambitious, driven individuals who've decided it’s finally time they achieve what they know they’re capable of.


And I want you to be 1 of those 15.


By becoming part of this group you can finally:



Quit ALL your bad habits – whether that’s junk food, alcohol, smoking, or binging Netflix...

Start getting paid what you deserve at work, or achieve the success your business deserves...

Have a greater impact on the world and help more people...

Get into the best shape of your life and become fitter and healthier...

Create better relationships with your friends, family, and loved ones...

Feel positive about the future and the incredible things you have ahead of you...

Why should you listen to me?

I guess you’re wondering what makes me qualified to talk about personal development.


Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I'm not some monk or guru who’s got all the answers.


In fact, just a few years ago, I was probably the least successful person you knew.


I convinced myself I was successful at the time, because all of my energy was spent chasing financial gain.


But do you want to know the truth?



I was incredibly unfulfilled, unmotivated, and unhappy.




I knew something had to change.


That change came when I went to a talk from Tony Robbins.


I had a realisation then that changed my life forever: 



Success is about so much more than income.



And more than that, I realised that people need to KNOW that.


They need to understand that they are valuable, that they have something to give, that they have the potential within them to make the world a better place, and to make other peoples’ lives better.




That’s what I set out to do, that’s why I launched my business, Make It Happen, and that’s why I created Evolve Together.


What my clients say.



I know what you’re probably thinking.


This is just another sleazy scam that promises so much, but delivers nothing.


You might think I'm out to trick and con me you out of your money.



I completely understand. 



It’s only natural to be sceptical when each week another personal development ‘expert’ crawls out of the woodwork, promising to help you turn your life around – while really just looking to line their pockets.


And I know you’re tired of trying so many things before.


But to ease your mind, here’s how people just like you have found with working with me.




“If you are willing to be honest, open and put in the work your life will change for the better.”


" I cannot believe that when I started, I had such a concern around money and lived in a world of scarcity to living in a pandemic and recession feeling extremely positive and abundant…….I honestly feel that if I had not had this coaching I would be extremely anxious and depressed in the present climate. "

Mark Pocklington

“I can barely remember the old me”


"So much has changed for me since working with Will that I can barely remember the old me, because everything in my life is so much more positive.


I now approach every day with a positive attitude and my days are so much more balanced and stress free.


My advice?


Work with Will, because he’ll help you move forward and you’ll be in a place where things start happening for you."

Speranza Holloway

"Working with Will has transformed our lives”


"The last three months have been amazing for us. They’ve completely transformed our lives.


Everything in it is better - our productivity, our clarity, our morning routine Will introduced has made a massive difference to my other half and his day.


Our relationship is 100x better than it ever has been. My other half probably said it best: ‘for the first time in a long time I’m so excited about what today is going to bring, and every day after that."

Jenn Worth

"Will has helped me make a massive change in such a short space of time"

"My personal life has changed massively.


I’m much more healthy now, I go to the gym a lot more and I’ve lost about 4 stone simply as a result of my attitude to life.


My wife say I’m much happier now that I used to be and working with Will has truly changed how I view the future."

David Plant

“The best decision I’ve ever made"


"Working with Will has had a huge impact on my life.


Because of Will I’m now married, have a little boy, have a house and support ourselves.


I can’t put that solely down to Will, of course, I’ve done a lot of it myself, but I doubt I’d be in this position if not for Will.


It took me about 8 months to decide to work with Will, and my biggest regret is not working with him sooner."

Wez Chimmunchlam

“From working out a shed to queues out the door, thanks to Will”


"When I first starting working with Will I was running my boxing business out of my shed. I’m now running my own gym and looking to open my 2nd.


I’ve got 300 members and kids queueing up at my door to join my sessions.


He helped me go from Pro Boxer with no ambition, to having a huge positive impact on my local community. Honestly?


I couldn’t tell you exactly what Will will do for you, because he does so much.


He’s a good guy, go work with him."

Billy Long


How Evolve Together works




Now that you've seen how Evolve Together has transformed the lives of others, I want to show you exactly how it will work for you. 


Each and every part of this process has been meticulously thought out to maximise your personal growth, while providing complete support, guidance and motivation.


Here is exactly how the process will work. 




Before anything, I'll help you attain a completely new awareness of yourself. 

This will happen through a series of testing, including a personality test, a wealth dynamics profile, an annual self-assessment, a love languages test, core value identification and a happiness monitor




 North Star Trajectory Session


This is a 2-hour 1:1 session with me. 

We will talk through all of your benchmark results before setting your goals 

- ultimate, 10 year, 5 year, 3 year, 1 year, 90 day, 30 day and 2 week. 





Ongoing Session work


Your fortnightly coaching sessions take place on a Monday evening at 7pm or a Tuesday at 10am.

 I will be coaching you on your specific, personal goals . 







Throughout the process, we will measure your growing ‘happiness’ levels in 20 keys areas of life. 







You will be held accountable by myself at least once a week via a WhatsApp group. 

This offers you personal access to ask me anything, 24/7.





Review and Reset


At the end of the 90 days we will review where you were and where you are to see the growth you have experienced and plan your next 90 day goals. 





SOS call


This is a 1:1 'emergency' call where you can speak confidentially about anything on your mind. 

Additional calls can be purchased for £100+VAT.



My criteria



It might surprise some people that I set out criteria for who I want to work with.


But you see there's only a certain type of person who can truly achieve their potential.


So many people say they want to change, but deep down they're happy to stay where they've always been. 


The very fact you're reading this tells me a lot about your honest attitude towards yourself, and really that's all I ask for. 


Honesty, and the desire to become the best version of yourself.


Here are my criteria for who I work with:



1. I believe by me working with you it will benefit you, your family, your friends, community, society, humanity and the universe.


2. I believe this is something that is a genuine challenge for you.


3. I believe we can have a laugh along the way.


4. I believe you are willing to be 100% committed.


The year you change




Meaningful change doesn't happen overnight.


And this is precisely why so many people remain stuck, miserable and lost.


They try something new, expect instant results, and then give up when nothing's happening. 


But this is where it can all change.


I want to show you how you can transform yourself over the course of a year. Each and every aspect of this course is designed to get you gaining momentum day by day, week by week, month by month. 


I've seen my clients grow so much in a single year that they're unrecognisable.





How much it costs



If you've read this far, I'm sure you want to know how much Evolve Together costs.


The pricing for Evolve Together is as follows: 



           Evolve Together YEAR-LONG course: £2997+VAT (Saving £999)   


              Evolve Together, 1 MONTH: £333+VAT (6-month minimum commitment, ongoing thereafter)



In my opinion, this is the most worthwhile investment you can make this year.


The majority of the money we spend is an investment in something else. 


We buy things that give us short term pleasure, but which quickly turns into long term dissatisfaction once the novelty wears off. 


But this is an investment in yourself - an investment that lasts for a lifetime.


To make your decision to enrol on the course even easier, I'm offering you the following bonuses:


BONUS #1: Unlimited, free access to The Evolve Network (worth £300.00 per annum)



BONUS #2: Two tickets for you and a friend for my Unlock Your Potential virtual event - 2 full days of immersive personal development (worth £1194.00).



BONUS #3: Instant access to 14 hours of incredibly recordings with the world's leading personal development experts (worth £97.00).

Places in the evolve together

group are capped at just 15.


And this offer is ONLY VALID until 5pm 30th November




Here’s a question for you to consider:


Can you really afford to miss out on an opportunity which could truly change your life?


Because, cards on the table, when I open up places again in 3 months time, the price is going to be WAY higher than it is today.


So, in short, you’ve got 2 options.


Option 1 is to close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before, feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when it was available first time, then be back here in 3 months time after nothing has changed.


Option 2 is the smart move.


You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to finally make the changes you want in your life, and so invest in your health, happiness and security.


That choice is yours.



As a final reminder, here’s what you get when you join Evolve Together:



Access to a peer group of 15 highly motivated individuals with the same drive and desire as you, who will hold you accountable.

Fortnightly group meetings to keep you on track and make sure you stay focused.

Access to me and my team so you can shortcut your success by implementing proven strategies.

An understanding of what you truly want out of life, and a plan that will ensure you achieve it.

Straightforward, no-nonsense techniques to change the way you think.



All you need to do is take the first step and complete an application.





Will Polston

Founder of Make It Happen & The Evolve Network

P.S.  One final thing. Let me ask you this:


How would it feel to look back on everything you’ve achieved in the past 3 months and be in disbelief at how much you’ve achieved and how much your life would change?


Sound good?


Then you know what to do.









Submit your application.